Hello everyone!

Here is the list of shortlisted films of SHORT OF THE YEAR - WINTER 2021 edition. We want to thank all participants of Short of the Year for sending us your amazing short films!

AN EXCEPTIONAL DAY, by Cédrick Spinassou (France, 2019, Narrative, 4’)
ANNA, by Dekel Berenson (UK & Ukraine, 2019, Narrative, 15’)
AUTUMN, by Sofia Gutman (France, 2019, Animation & Experimental, 2’)
BLUE BOY, by Manuel Abramovich (Germany & Argentina, 2019, Documentary, 19’)
BROKEN THINGS, by Gyulai Panni (Hungary, 2019, Animation, 10’)
BURQA CITY, by Fabrice Bracq (France, 2019, Narrative, 20’)
BY THE RIVER, by Dan Braga Ulvestad (Australia & India, 2019, Documentary, 25’)
CHECKPOINT, by Juulia Kalavainen (Portugal, 2019, Narrative, 5’)
COFFEE TIME, by Vashu Savani (Canada, 2019, Animation, 1’)
CUTTLEFISH, by Jiri Horensky (Czech Republic, 2019, Narrative, 18’)
DINOSAURS: THE TRUE STORY, by Paul-Louis Aeberhardt (France, 2020, Animation, 4’)
DOMBYRA, by Ramazan Khaliolla (Kazakhstan, 2019, Narrative, 26’)
DREAM/LIFE, by David Aufdembrinke (Germany, 2019, Experimental, 22’)
EL NIÑO Y LA MONTAÑA, by Santiago Aguilera & Gabriel Monreal (Chile, 2020, Animation, 11’)
ELECTRIC, by François Le Guen (France, 2020, Narrative, 3’)
EN EL CIELO ME DEJAS CAER, by Sebastián Salazar (Chile, 2020, Narrative, 25’)
ENTRE NOSOTROS, by John De Luca (Spain, 2020, Narrative, 14’)
ENTROPIA, by Flora Buda (Hungary, 2019, Animation, 10’)
ERA YO, by Andrea Casaseca (Spain, 2019, Narrative, 11’)
EST, by Pedro Antonio González (Mexico, 2019, Narrative, 16’)
ESTABA CANTADO, by Cristian Casado & Dennis Gleiss (Spain, 2020, Narrative, 6’)
FATHER OF THE BRIDE, by Rhys Jones (UK, 2019, Narrative, 15’)
FIFTY, by Javier Dampierre (Spain & USA, 2019, Narrative, 18’)
GA SETUBAL - DEPARTURE SONG, by Deco Farkas (Brazil, 2019, Music Video, 3’)
HAND IN HAND, by Ennio Ruschetti (Switzerland, 2019, Narrative, 4’)
I HAVE SEEN NOTHING, I HAVE SEEN ALL, by Yaser Kassab (Lebanon, Syria & Sweden, 2019, Documentary, 20’)
IGNITION, by Jeanne Dautheville (France, 2019, Animation & Experimental, 2’)
JUNG & RESTLESS, by Joanna Priestley (USA, 2020, Animation & Experimental, 6’)
LIONVERSE, by Hayden Chun Hei Mok (Hong Kong, 2019, Animation, Documentary & Experimental, 3‘)
MIGRANTE, by Esteban Ezequiel Dalinger (Argentina, 2019, Animation, Documentary & Experimental, 6’)
NEGLECTED, by Dongki Yoon (South Korea, 2019, Narrative, 17’)
NO MAN'S LAND, by Charlotte Müller (Belgium, 2019, Documentary, 22’)
OEIL POUR OEIL, by Thomas Boileau, Alan Guimont, Robin Courtoise, Mathieu Lecroq, Malcom Hunt & François Briantais (France, 2019, Animation, 6’)
PARA SIEMPRE, by Lluís Margarit (Spain, 2019, Narrative, 8’)
PIECE OF ME, by Bruna Cabral (USA, 2019, Narrative, 19’)
RED WINDOW, by Hussein Al Ugaili (Irak, 2020, Narrative, 7’)
SKID, by Valentin David, Axel Diaz, Clément Feuillet, Damien Gustin, Morgane Le Disez & Florian Rigollet (France, 2019, Animation, 5’)
SOMOS CALETA, by Ivan Stevens (Chile, 2019, Documentary, 16’)
TIES, by Dina Velikovskaya (Germany & Russia, 2019, Animation, 7’)
THE ART OF SURVIVAL, by Gregory Armstrong (USA, 2019, Narrative, 19’)
THE DREAM REPORT, by Jack O'Shea (Ireland, 2019, Animation & Experimental, 7’)
THE SELFISH ANONYMOUS, by Guillaume Caramelle (France, 2019, Narrative, 3’)
THEN COMES THE EVENING, by Maja Novakovic (Bosnia and Herzegovina & Serbia, 2019, Documentary, 28’)
THIS IS MY NIGHT, by Yussef Noaman (Egypt, 2019, Narrative, 14’)
TODAY YOU, TOMORROW ME, by Chris Neal (USA, 2019, Narrative, 10’)
TRAMUNTANA, by Francisco Montoro (Spain, 2020, Documentary, 10’)
UNDER A SHINY SKY, by Ahmed Mücahid Aydogan (Syria & Turkey, 2020, Documentary, 13’)
VESTIGIOS, EL MISTERIO DEL DIQUE LA CIÉNAGA, by Valentín Álvarez Sabouret (Argentina & Brazil, 2019, Narrative, 12’)
WISH, by Lee Se-young (South Korea, 2020, Narrative, 11’)
YA NO HAY MIEDO, by José Pouchucq (Spain, 2019, Music Video, 4’)

And our jury is:

ENRIQUE TORRES, director of Lou
HANNA HOVITIE, director of Terraria
IRINA LO, director of Room
LORENZO SANJUAN, producer of Eggg
PABLO ROBERTSON, director of Terry Mac
SANDEEP VERMA, director of Aarambh
THEO WATKINS, director of Patrick Martin - Both Of You