Hello everyone!

Here is the list of shortlisted films of SHORT OF THE YEAR - SPRING 2019 edition. We want to thank all participants of Short of the Year for sending us your amazing short films!

28 DE OUTUBRO, by Tiago Albuquerque (Portugal, 2018, Animation, 10‘)
A DROWNING MAN, by Mahdi Fleifel (Denmark, Greece & United Kingdom, 2017, Fiction, 15’)
ALAN, by Matthias Lebeer (United Kingdom, 2018, Fiction, 15’)
ALBA, by Claudia Rosales (Venezuela, 2018, Fiction, 17’)
ALEGRÍA, by Katalin Egely (Hungary, 2018, Music Video, 4’)
BACK TO THE MOON, by Fx Goby (United Kingdom, 2018, Animation, 3’)
BONOBO, by Zoel Aeschbacher (Switzerland, 2018, Fiction, 18’)
BREAKING WALLS, by Francisco Montoro (Spain, 2018, Documentary, 12’)
ECHOES, by Mark Kerins & Elliot Mayén (USA, 2018, Fiction, 11’)
ELEFANTES, by Javier Kafie (El Salvador, 2018, Fiction, 5’)
EMERALD RUSH, by Robert Hunter & Elliot Dear (United Kingdom, 2018, Music Video, 3’)
EMUNAH, by Sang Hyoun Han (USA, 2018, Animation, Music Video, 3’)
FOR THE RECORD, by Julian de Zotti (Canada, 2017, Fiction, 10’)
GAME, by Joy Webster (Canada, 2017, Fiction, 14’)
GENO, by Dato Kiknavelidze (Georgia, 2017, Animation, 13’)
HÉROES, by Juan Pablo Zaramella (Argentina, 2018, Animation, 3’)
HOLD, by Christopher O'Donnell (United Kingdom, 2017, Fiction, 13’)
IMMORTALS, by Erik Morales (Spain & India, 2017, Documentary, 8’)
IN WONDERLAND, by Christopher Haydon (United Kingdom, 2017, Fiction, 10’)
L.A. LIQUOR, by Jensen Vinca (USA, 2018, Fiction, 7’)
LA CHUTE, by Boris Labbé (France, 2018, Animation & Experimental, 14’)
LA MEMORIA DE LOS PECES, by Christian Mejía (Colombia, 2018, Fiction, 15’)
LA NOCHE, by Martín Romero (Spain, 2018, Animation, 11’)
LA PESTE, by Guillermo Carbonell (Uruguay, 2017, Fiction, 10’)
LANDLINE, by Matt Houghton (United Kingdom, 2017, Documentary, 12’)
LE GRAND BAIN, by Elise Augarten (France, 2017, Animation, 7’)
LE VOLEUR DE COULEUR, by Olmo Riedinger (France, 2017, Animation, 7’)
LINA, by Dominique Barniaud (France, 2018, Fiction, 9’)
LITTLE BANDITS, by Alex Avagimian (USA, 2018, Animation, 4’)
LONESOME WILLCOX, by Ryan Maxey & Zack Wright (USA, 2017, Documentary, 12’)
LOOKING FOR SOMETHING, by César Pelizer (United Kingdom, 2018, Animation & Experimental, 4’)
LUCY, by Roberto Gutierrez (Venezuela, 2018, Fiction, 15’)
MAKE IT SOUL, by Jean-Charles Mbotti Malolo (France, 2018, Animation, 15’)
MINI MISS, by Rachel Daisy Ellis (Brazil, 2018, Documentary, 15’)
MUAY THAI, by Josh Hayward (Thailand, 2018, Documentary & Experimental, 3’)
NIÑO FEO, by Gabriel Lúgigo (Spain, 2018, Fiction, 4’)
ONE SMALL STEP, by Aqsa Altaf (USA, 2017, Fiction, 13’)
OTHERLAND, by Jan Pieter Tuinstra (Netherlands, 2018, Documentary, Experimental & Fiction, 14’)
PARIS YOU GOT ME, by Julie Boehm (Germany, 2018, Fiction, 9’)
PETITES FILLES, by Camille Japy (France, 2017, Fiction, 16’)
RAZÃO ENTRE DOIS VOLUMES, by Catarina Sobral (Portugal, 2018, Animation, 8’)
RETUKIRI TUKIRI, by Daniel Martín Rodríguez & Germán Tejada (France & Peru, 2018, Fiction, 18’)
ROJO AMARILLO ROJO, by Teresa Bellón & César Fernández-Calvillo (Spain, 2018, Fiction, 4’)
SANTA ANA, by César Pesquera (Spain & USA, 2017, Documentary & Experimental, 8’)
SO TIERED, by Beck Williams (United Kingdom, 2018, Animation, 3’)
SPACE MOUNTAIN, by Víctor Nores (Spain, 2018, Fiction, 14’)
SUKSESS, by Ernst de Geer (Norway, 2018, Fiction, 11’)
SUPINE, by Nicole Goode (Czech Republic, 2018, Fiction, 25’)
THE LANGUAGE OF BALL, by Ramón Rodríguez (USA, 2017, Fiction, 9’)
ZAWIESZENIE, by Mateusz Kucharki (Poland, 2018, Experimental & Fiction, 7’)

The jury members are:

Rafaël Klepfisch (director, film “Mayla”)
Raquel Agea Ramos (director, film “Heridas contra el olvido”)
Step Cheung (director, film “Toxic Relationship”)
Alina Mikhailova (director, film “The Impasse”)
Kaveh Sistani (director, film “Walleyball”)
Les Frères Lopez (directors, film “InLove”)
Guillaume Caramelle (director, film “Nikki Marianne”)