Hello everyone!

Here is the list of shortlisted films of SHORT OF THE YEAR - SPRING 2022 edition. We want to thank all participants of Short of the Year for sending us your amazing short films!

A MULHER DO MÉDICO (DOCTOR´S WIFE), by Bruno Simões (Portugal, 2021, Animation, 3’)
ADIEU LULU (GOODBYE LULU), by Lionel Auguste (France, 2021, Narrative, 16’)
ANA Y EL DRAGO, by Ángel Pastrana (Spain, 2021, Music Video, 5’)
BETWEEN THE SHORES, by Benjamin Lehmann (Germany, 2021, Narrative, 2’)
CANICIDE, by Matthieu D'Ursel (Belgium, 2021, Narrative, 13’)
COMO NO TE VOY A QUERER, by Plume Fabre (France, 2020, Narrative, 27’)
CURRENT NARRATIVE, by Jia Yun Li (Taiwan, 2020, Animation, 5’)
DEVOCIÓN, by Valentín Álvarez (Argentina, 2021, Narrative, 25’)
DIME POR QUÉ, by Jesús Palop & Óscar Rodríguez (Spain, 2020, Music Video, 4’)
DISTANT LIGHTS, by Víctor Luiz (Spain, 2021, Narrative, 4’)
DOGS SMELL LIKE THE SEA, by Anastasiya Lisovets (Russia, 2020, Animation, 4’)
EL CONQUISTADOR, by Mathilde Bayle (France, 2021, Narrative, 20’)
EL LENGUAJE, by Daniel Ibáñez (Colombia, 2020, Narrative, 14’)
EL NOVIO, by Daniel Zapata (Spain, 2021, Narrative, 11’)
EL PUEBLO, by Raúl Figueroa (Spain, 2020, Experimental & Narrative, 9’)
ES LA PRIMERA VEZ QUE TE VEO, by Loïc Grobéty-Vega (Spain, 2020, Narrative, 16’)
FREE FLOW, by Sâm Mirhosseini (France, 2020, Narrative, 26’)
GREAT EMPTINESS, by Emre Dörter (Turkey, 2020, Documentary & Experimental, 8’)
HAPPINESS, by Kenny Ming (Taiwan, 2020, Narrative, 22’)
HORIZON, by Daniele de Muro (Italy, 2020, Narrative, 15’)
IN THE SHADOWS, by Oleksandr Stekolenko (Ukraine, 2020, Narrative, 22’)
JADAI: THE BROOME BRAWLER, by Nathan Mewett & Curtis Taylor (Australia, 2020, Narrative, 12’)
JOC DE NENS (GAME OF CHILDREN), by Rubén Sánchez (Spain, 2020, Narrative, 18’)
LA FINCA, TODO ESTO ERA CAMPO, by Arturo García Batanero (Spain, 2020, Documentary, 24’)
LEMONMILK, by Wai Yee & Wylie Chan (Hong Kong, 2020, Narrative, 15’)
LIFE BEFORE LIFE, by Mark Kozlowski (United Kingdom, 2021, Narrative, 15’)
LIVE IN CLOUD-CUCKOO LAND, by Nghia Vu Minh & Thy Pham Hoang Minh (Vietnam, 2020, Narrative, 20’)
LOCKED INN, by Stavrina Kykalou (Greece, 2021, Animation, 2’)
MAITEREN ESKUTITZA (MAITE'S NOTE), by Iker Clavero (Spain, 2021, Experimental & Narrative, 6’)
OFF-SEASON, by Monika Majorek (Poland, 2020, Narrative, 18’)
OVERLATE, by Camilo Supelann (Colombia, 2020, Animation, 2’)
PAPER HOUSE, by Martyna Holda (Poland, 2020, Animation, 6’)
PREMIER JOUR (FIRST DAY), by Emma Ferréol (France, 2020, Animation, 2’)
SEAHORSE, by Natalie Bruijns (Netherlands, 2021, Narrative, 20’)
TERMINAL HAPPINESS, by Eric Romero (Estonia & United Kingdom, 2020, Narrative, 16’)
THE DESERTER, by Stefen Salavin (France, 2021, Narrative, 16’)
THE DROWNING GOAT, by Sebastian Johansson (Sweden, 2020, Narrative, 27’)
THE HERO, by Charlie Lopez (Spain, 2021, Documentary, 10’)
THE LYING ANGEL, by Geert Vandenbroele (Belgium, 2020, Animation, 12’)
THE WEATHER IS LOVELY, by Chun-Chien Lien (China, 2020, Animation, 14’)
THE WET SOCKS OF BERTA REYES, by Alexandra Shadrina (Russia, 2020, Animation, 11’)
THE YELLOW DRESS, by Deborah Grimes (Ireland, 2020, Narrative, 15’)
USTED DIRÁ, by Ignacio Rodó (Spain, 2021, Narrative, 1’)
VENTO QUENTE (WARM WIND), by Diego Quindere (Hungary, 2021, Documentary, 13’)
WHAT HAPPENED TO US, by Christine Stronegger (Norway, 2020, Narrative, 18’)
WOULD YOU PLEASE?, by Ada Guvenir (Belgium, 2020, Animation, 4’)
XIAO QIANG HAD A DAYDREAM, by Xisi Sofia Ye Chen (Spain, 2020, Documentary & Narrative, 17’)
XX-20, by Elena Skripkina (Russia, 2021, Experimental, 24’)
YIÓRGOS, by Lily Papamiltiades & Marion Grepin (France, 2020, Narrative, 2’)
YOUR ONE AND ONLY, by Alice Biletska (USA, 2020, Narrative, 17’)