Highest/Maximum diffusion
We have an absolutely updated database with more than 10.200 festivals worldwide, and it keeps increasing. If your work is so personal or specialized, we do not limit to our database, we look for other festivals as exclusive as your work.

Say good bye to bureaucracy
We handle all the paperwork required for your work to reach all the festivals chosen, from filling in registration forms and sending certificate packets, to sending additional info and following up the selection or no selection at festivals.

Your own festival choices
You can leave all in our hands or if you prefer, we can agree on the kind of festivals you want to participate. We adapt to your preferences: international distribution or just Spain, only prize-money festivals or specific thematic.

No monthly fees
You just pay for the festivals that your film is submitted. If we don´t send the film there isn´t cost.

No commissions
Promofest doesn´t charge any commission for the awards you receive.

Personalized information
We offer an exclusive area for our clients. In this online site you can follow up in real-time the running of your work: submitted festivals, news about selections and awards and the status of your account.

Your own web
Each work has its own site within our web. Festivals and individuals may access to the data sheet and cast of the film, the updated list of awards and they can also download all the info like frames, poster, dialog lists…

Media impact
The awards your film receives at international festivals will be notified to the Media.

Personal advising
Not only we distribute your work we are also at your disposal in order to give you advise in each process: representation at festivals, a personal submission strategy and elimination of registration fees.

Second opportunity
If you want we can distribute your old films too. Thanks to our wide festival network the life of your works can be broadened more than two years, which it is usually the term limits of the most of the works. Who knows if they can even win a prize.