Hello everyone!

Here is the list of shortlisted films of SHORT OF THE YEAR - SPRING 2020 edition. We want to thank all participants of Short of the Year for sending us your amazing short films!

A DOUBLE LIFE, by Studio Job, Joris & Marieke (Netherlands, 2018, Animation, 3’)
AL CAER EL SOL, by Eliana Digiovani (Argentina, 2018, Fiction, 10’)
ALICE PHOEBE LOU - SKIN CRAWL, by Colin Read (Germany, 2019, Music Video, 3’)
ANCHORWOMAN, by Ioannis Monastiropoulos (Greece, 2018, Fiction, 20’)
ARMONÍAS PARA DESPUÉS DE LA GUERRA, by Pablo Tosco & Migue Roth (Argentina, Spain & Syria, 2019, Documentary, 25’)
ASHMINA, by Dekel Berenson (Nepal & United Kingdom, 2018, Fiction, 16’)
AVASHESH, by Manoj Babu Panta (Nepal, 2018, Experimental, 17’)
BAD HAIR DAY, by Dionisius Miki (Indonesia, 2019, Animation, 5’)
BALLOON DATING, by Cyrille Drevon (Switzerland, 2018, Experimental & Fiction, 4’)
BANDE À PART, by Mélissa Verdier (France, 2019, Documentary, 11’)
BEYOND THE BLACK, by Saeid Sodagar & Sepideh Eidi (Iran, 2018, Animation, 9’)
BEYOND THE TIDE, by Jan Mocka & Ingo Monitor (Germany, 2019, Fiction, 17’)
BILLIE, by Maki Yoshikura (United Kingdom, 2018, Animation, 4’)
BOXES, by Jeremy Borison (United States, 2018, Fiction, 13’)
BUNNY, by Shaun Hughes (United Kingdom, 2018, Fiction, 18’)
BUZZARD, by Joy Webster (Canada, 2019, Fiction, 15’)
CULTES, by (LA) Horde (France, 2019, Documentary & Experimental, 15’)
CURANDERA, by Mauricio Rivera (Peru, 2019, Fiction, 16’)
DESECHO, by Julio Ramos (Peru & United States, 2018, Fiction, 14’)
DIRTY ROTTEN LIARS, by Chris Chalklen (United Kingdom, 2019, Fiction, 9’)
EL ÁRBOL DE LAS ALMAS PERDIDAS, by Laura Zamora (Spain, 2019, Animation, 15’)
EL DESCONCIERTO, by Javier Rodríguez Espinosa (Spain, 2019, Fiction, 17’)
ENCORE, by Connor Gaston (Canada, 2018, Fiction, 12’)
EUROPA, by Sergio Duce (Spain, 2019, Experimental, 7’)
FEVER, by Rafael Romero Peña (Netherlands, 2019, Experimental, 7’)
GOLD STAR, by Paul Frankl (United Kingdom, 2018, Fiction, 14’)
HISTORIA DE UNA CASA, by Ignacio Masllorens (Argentina, 2019, Documentary, 19’)
I HAVE NO HOME, by Volodymyr Vlasenko (Ukraine, 2019, Music Video, 4’)
ICI ET MAINTENANT, by Aurélien Mathieu (France, 2018, Fiction, 6’)
KANPAI JAPAN!, by Christophe Hamon (France, 2019, Documentary & Experimental, 4’)
LA CHICA DEL VESTIDO ROJO Y SOMBRERO AMARILLO, by Álvaro Rozas (Chile, 2019, Animation, 12’)
LEONARDO FRIGO - INK ARTIST, by Daniele Andronico (United Kingdom, 2019, Documentary, 3’)
LITTLE, by Kris Williams (United Kingdom, 2018, Fiction, 16’)
LO QUE SE ESPERA DE MÍ, by María Salgado (Spain, 2019, Fiction, 11’)
LONELY MONSTER GOES OUT, by Ivan Maximov (Russia, 2019, Animation, 7’)
MARGAUX VOL.1, by Daniel Iglesias Jr. (United States, 2018, Experimental & Music Video, 2’)
MI ARMA, by Jesus Pascual (Spain, 2019, Documentary, 6’)
MIKE SHINODA - MAKE IT UP AS I GO, by Antoni Sendra (Spain, 2018, Music Video, 4’)
MONSTER DAYS, by Chan Ning (Taiwan, 2019, Fiction, 14’)
RABIA, by Romina Tamburello (Argentina, 2018, Fiction, 17’)
READY OR NOT, by Mihály Schwechtje (Hungary, 2018, Fiction, 11’)
REPASSE-MOI, by Ivan Rabbiosi (France, 2019, Animation, 9’)
RHINESTONE BLUE, by Aisha Schliessler (United States, 2019, Fiction, 7’)
SOLITUDE, by Nikolas Meyberg (Germany, 2019, Experimental, 5’)
THE CRITIC, by Stella Velon (United States, 2018, Fiction, 15’)
THE OPTIMISM CLUB, by Livia Arbex & Silvia Ribeiro (Brazil, 2018, Documentary, 20’)
THE PURGE, by Jordan Goldnadel (France, 2018, Fiction, 15’)
THE WAY HOME, by Kai Lun Pang (Singapore, 2019, Animation, 12’)
THE WEDDING BOUQUET, by Matei-Alexandru Mocanu (Romania, 2018, Fiction, 24’)
THYMESIS, by Jordan Caudron (France, 2019, Fiction, 14’)


DAVID HEREDIA, director of Te quiero a morir
ALEXANDER DECOMMERE, director of This no land
CHARLIE GARCÍA, director of Uncoloured Girl
FRAN MENCHÓN, director of Trivial
JUNYI CHIAO, director of The last man on earth sat alone in a room
KIKE ARROYO, director of Noel
STEP C, director of Little thinks
TOMÁS ROJO, director of 5 horas, 39 minutos, 25 segundos