Hello everyone!

Here is the list of shortlisted films of SHORT OF THE YEAR - SUMMER 2022 edition. We want to thank all participants of Short of the Year for sending us your amazing short films!

A STORY OF A FUNERAL, by Amir Sedghinir (Iran, 2021, Narrative, 13’)
AUTOPSIA DE UN RELATO PERIODÍSTICO, by Alejandro Dueñas, Elisa G. Carrasco, Paulina Quiroz, Alex Ruggeri & Julia Sáinz (Spain, 2021, Documentary, 16’)
BIPLANE MODEL KIT, by Tine Kluth (Germany & United Kingdom, 2020, Music Video, 3’)
CHIENNE (BITCH), by Bertille Z. Estramon (Belgium, 2020, Narrative, 15’)
CHOULEQUEC, by Benoit Blanc & Matthias Girbig (France, 2020, Narrative, 26’)
CRAZY CAR, by Christophe Galleron (France, 2021, Animation & Music Video, 5’)
DE BERDE (LET GO), by Star Bazancir (Sweden, 2020, Animation, 2’)
DEAR JOHN, I'M SORRY, by Iain Cash (United Kingdom, 2020, Narrative, 8’)
DEPTHS OF NIGHT, by Step C. (Hong Kong, 2021, Animation, 13’)
DILEMA, by Joan Garau (Spain, 2021, Animation & Music Video, 3’)
DJAO - AFTER THE ROAD, by Loïc Phil (France, 2020, Documentary, 9’)
DUMP MATSUMOTO, by Cheng Herng Shinn (Japan, 2021, Documentary, 9’)
EL GRAN HITO, by Ignasi López Fabregas (Spain, 2020, Animation, 13’)
EMPIRIC, by Ioana Turcan (Romania, 2021, Narrative, 15’)
ENTRE LES TOMBES (AMONG THE GRAVES), by Romain et Thibault Lafargue (France, 2021, Narrative, 19’)
FREEDOM SWIMMER, by Olivia Martin-Mcguire (Australia & France, 2021, Experimental, 15’)
FROM SENT ASH TO DANCING GROUND, by Maëva Spyropoulos (Australia, 2021, Narrative, 19’)
GALCHENOK (NESTLING), by Marat Narimanov (Russia, 2020, Animation, 6’)
GRENZEN (BORDERS), by Christian Wehrlin (Switzerland, 2020, Narrative, 14’)
LA GAMBETA, by Catalina Alarcón (Chile, 2020, Narrative, 16’)
LA PLUMA, by José Manuel Palenzuela (Spain, 2021, Animation, 2’)
LA VRAIE VIE, by Rosalie Loncin (France, 2020, Animation, 10’)
LAME DUST, by Aleksandra Abramova (Russia, 2021, Animation, 7’)
& Alexandra Gantzer (Spain, 2021, Narrative, 20’)
LES CILS DE L'EXODE (EYELASHES OF THE EXODUS), by Zoé Simpson & Victor Picard (France, 2021, Narrative, 10’)
LYNX, by Julien Henry (Belgium, 2021, Narrative, 19’)
MIENTRAS NO ESTABAS, by Inés de Lara (Spain, 2021, Narrative, 10’)
MOUNTAIN, by Harrison Fleming (United Kingdom, 2020, Music Video, ‘)
NORMAL, by Julie Caty (France, 2020, Animation, 11’)
NOW LISTEN, by Kasia Kijekm & Przemek Adamski (Poland, 2020, Animation, 4’)
NURTURE, by Ying-Fang Shen (United States & Taiwan, 2021, Animation, 3’)
NYCTIBIUS, by DN Bianco (Argentina, 2021, Narrative, 27’)
O MÀ! (OH MAMA!), by Vincent Launay-Franceschini (France, 2020, Narrative, 24’)
O, HEEET! (OH, NO!), by Ivan Maximov (Russia, 2021, Animation, 5’)
OLD BORN, by Jordan de Deken (Belgium, 2020, Narrative, 21’)
ONLY A CHILD, by Simone Giampaolo (Switzerland, 2020, Animation, 60’)
OUR FATHER, by Felicity Price (United States, 2020, Narrative, 15’)
POUR QUE RIEN NE CHANGE (SO THAT NOTHING CHANGES), by Francescu Artily (France, 2020, Narrative, 24’)
PSILOCYBE, LA CIENCIA DE LA MÍSTICA, by Alejandro Calderón (Colombia, 2021, Documentary, 29’)
QUEENS, by Nick Bechman (United Kingdom, 2020, Narrative, 17’)
QUICK FIX, by Alexandra Lemay (Canada, 2020, Animation, 3’)
RE-ANIMAL, by Rubén Garcerá (Spain, 2021, Animation, 13’)
SANTIAGO, by Andrey Koulev (Bulgaria, 2021, Animation, 16’)
SHERATON, LA HUELLA DE LA MEMORIA, by Margarita Poseck (Chile, 2021, Documentary, 13’)
SI VIENE DE LA TIERRA, by Kati Egely (Hungary, 2021, Animation & Music Video, 4’)
STEP INTO THE RIVER, by Weijia Ma (China & France, 2020, Animation, 15’)
THE LAST INVENTION, by Marie-Christin Aufinger, Andreas Catucci, Fabian Sonnleithner & Mustafa Özkan (Austria, 2021, Animation & Narrative, 1’)
THE OTHER, by Saman Hosseinpuor (Iran, 2021, Narrative, 24’)
THE SOUND OF WATER, by Jean-Baptiste Braud (France & Japan, 2021, Narrative, 12’)
TOAD, by Hongshi Zhong (United States, 2021, Narrative, 2’)