1. The festival is open to international filmmakers over 18 years.

2. Filmmakers may submit as many works as they wish to, as long as they have been produced after January 1, 2022.

3. Festival open to narrative, animation, documentary, music video and experimental short films, with a maximum duration of 30 minutes.

4. Entries must be submitted in English, Spanish subtitles are recommended though.

5. Short of the Year will have four different editions:

WINTER: Deadline March 21st, 2023
SPRING: Deadline June 21st, 2023
SUMMER: Deadline September 21st, 2023
AUTUMN: Deadline December 21st, 2023

6. Every season 50 works will be selected. The award? FREE DISTRIBUTION!! The winner of each season will be awarded with 250 submissions to film festivals (for free) and will directly become one of the films selected for The Short of the Year. The grand prize consists in 1000 submissions to festivals (for free).

This award in distribution has the advantages of doing so through a distributor with almost 30 years of experience in the world of cinema, with the advantages that this implies (discounts, more festivals, free festivals ...).

7. Submission is free of charge but to participate is mandatory to register and upload your short film in Click For Festivals:

8. Season established awards and special mentions :

BEST SHORT FILM OF THE YEAR - WINTER: 250 submissions to festivals (for free) and the film will be directly selected for The Short of the Year.

BEST NARRATIVE SHORT FILM: 100 submissions to festivals (for free).

BEST DOCUMENTARY SHORT FILM: 100 submissions to festivals (for free).

BEST ANIMATION SHORT FILM: 100 submissions to festivals (for free).

BEST EXPERIMENTAL SHORT FILM: 100 submissions to festivals (for free).

BEST MUSIC VIDEO SHORT FILM: 100 submissions to festivals (for free).

ONLINE AUDIENCE AWARD: 100 submissions to festivals (for free).

44 SPECIAL MENTIONS: 50 submissions to festivals (for free).

9. Awards include the registration and distribution in each festival, and the access to a private area for consultation. Distribution to festivals will begin immediately after the announcement of the winners of each season.

10. The festival has an independent online section apart from the official categories; directors may choose if they want to participate in this section. In order to participate at the Online Audience Award a confirmation is required at the moment of submission. The short film will be available online on Click For Festivals for users to watch it for a month after the closer deadline to the time of submission. The most viewed film on April 21st, 2022 (Spanish time) will be winter’s edition winner.


11. Films competing for to the Online Audience Award will be removed from our site once the winner is announced, except the film awarded, which will remain online until the annual voting process ends.

12. The participants authorize the use of a fragment of his work up to three minutes, or up to 10% full, for possible broadcast and promotion.

13. The organization reserves the right to screen the submitted works. The authors will be notified first.

14. The organization assumes that participants have the rights to exhibit and promote the works and material presented and disclaims any responsibility for the violation of this rule.

15. Entry in the competition implies acceptance of these rules and the decision by the organization to resolve any incident occurring during any phase of the competition. The jury's choice is final.