These are our rates (TAX included):

- 25 festivals: 140 €
- 50 festivals: 265 €
- 100 festivals: 500 €
- 200 festivals: 950 €
- 300 festivals: 1350 €
- 500 festivals: 2125 €
- 750 festivals: 3000 €
- 1000 festivals: 3750 €

The more tickets you buy, the cheaper it will be the shipping. Anyway, you will always have the control because you decide how much you want to expend in a prepaid system.

Using Promofest is quite easy: you’ll send us your material and we move it according to your budget.

You can buy your tickets by clicking in here:


You can also buy them by bank transfer to this account:

BANCO SANTANDER ES88 0049 – 5103 – 71 – 2316576144

Or by cash in our office: LA GRADA Paseo Marqués de Zafra 35, local 28028 Madrid

For a more profitable way to start the distribution and be able to cover all initial expenses, we require that the first purchase will be, minimum, 50 tickets. Also, you have to keep in mind that your purchase will not have an expire date, and if by any circumstances you wish to stop the distribution, the remaining tickets could be used for another work or be shared or transfer.

The tickets include all type guidance service, festival selection and the submission process. The lower rates can also make your access to international distribution quite cheaper, which initially was more expensive. With this aim, from now on we also need your films subtitled in English.

For any further information you could check our FAQ in our website.

If you want to hire Promofest service or require more information, fill our form and we will get back to you ASAP.