1. What does Promofest give you?

Once you decide to distribute your work with us, you will have:

Your own web: In this site the festivals can find all the info they need from your work and it will be a useful promotion tool.
This is the info we will need for your site:
Film data sheet and cast
The director's filmography and biography
Photos: Three frames of the work, a director´s photo and the poster

Distribution strategy: Together we will decide based on your preferences and budget, what will be the best strategy for getting the most out of your work.
Specific search and submission for each work that we represent because your film is unique.
Private area: You will have a username and a password which will allow you to enter in your private area. In this area you will see in real-time the submissions we are doing, how many tickets you have left, how many copies we have left and the list of your awards up to the minute.
Monitoring the results obtained. We will inform you first-hand about the selections and awards you will receive, letting you know what steps you should follow in each situation.
We will always be close to you: In Promofest we like treating the works we represent with a lot of affection. Therefore, always you need us we will be there to answer ASAP.

2. Can I keep distributing my work by myself?

Of course! We don´t order exclusivity in Promofest. Your work is yours and you can do whatever you want with it. You just have to keep us posted so we do not submit your film at the same festivals that you do and at the same time, we can update your list of selections and awards in our data base.